Introducing Enplanner

Bristol City Council and Encraft would like to invite you to a workshop introducing Enplanner. 

Enplanner is a web-based software programme designed to create renewable energy statements, which are now required as part of planning applications (Core Strategy policy BCS14). With Enplanner, energy statements can be produced quickly and consistently, making it easier for the developer to meet the requirements of the application. It will also create a uniform standard for energy statements, expediting the assessment process, and allowing the Council to judge whether the renewables targets for our area can be met.

At Darren Evans Assessments we are interested in the improvements that Enplanner can bring to the industry. We hope to see you at the workshop to learn more. There’s not much time, so RSVP as soon as possible; details are below.

Enplanner Workshop

Tuesday 19th June

9am – 12.30pm

The Create Centre, Bristol (details for travel can be found here).

RSVP by email to Grace McFadyean at

Click here for the Enplanner invite letter 19 June event.


Our partnership with Celotex

Celotex is the UK’s market leader for PIR thermal insulation, offering solutions for new build and refurbishment applications for both the commercial and domestics sectors.  Headquartered in Suffolk and positioned at the heart of energy efficiency measures, Celotex has offered innovative and pioneering solutions to the construction industry since 1925.

We feel that Celotex shares our passion for finding the best sustainability solutions for the industry. We’re looking forward to recommending their services and conducting our wide range of sustainability assessments for their customers in return.

If you’d like to know more about insulation options for your property, we can help. Contact us on 01454 317940, or email for free advice.

Our work with the Green Deal: a powerful new incentive in the fight to save energy

Have you heard of the Green Deal?

It’s the Government’s flagship energy efficiency proposal for families and businesses, and it should come into effect in October this year. Under the terms of the deal, private companies offer upfront energy efficiency investments for domestic and non-domestic buildings, and then recoup the cost through energy bills. The customer is given access to a network of trusted assessors and installers, so the work is fit-for-purpose and high-quality, thus reducing the building’s energy bills for years to come.

At Darren Evans Assessments, we’re proud to be part of the pilot scheme for the Green Deal. We’ve been working with another company to test the procedures that will be in place later in the year, and we’re excited about what we’ve seen so far.

We believe the Green Deal will make a significant difference to families and businesses struggling to be more energy efficient in a difficult economic climate. We’re interested in partnering with like-minded companies considering Green Deal accreditation, either as assessors or installers. We’re establishing a UK-wide network of services to help customers all over the country. Whatever the size of your workforce, we’d like to hear from you.

If your customers could benefit from the Green Deal, or you’re interested in working under our banner, give us a call on 01454 317940, or email You can learn more about the Green Deal from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, here.