The Green Deal is here. Are you in?

After months of preparation, the Government’s Green Deal is now in operation. We’re proud to support a scheme that will benefit families and businesses, increase the energy efficiency of domestic and commercial properties in the UK and reduce carbon emissions.

At Darren Evans Assessments, we’re excited to be one of only a few currently certified Green Deal Advisor Organisations. We want to establish a country-wide network of Green Deal Advisors and Installers, making the scheme available to all UK customers. All Green Deal Advisors will need to work with a certified Green Deal Advisor Organisation to produce Green Deal Assessment Reports, so communication is key to making the Green Deal a success.

Will you join us?

If your company, like ours, is passionate about making sustainability work for more families and businesses, then come and partner with us. Whatever the size of your workforce, we’d love to hear from you.

If your customers could benefit from the Green Deal, or you’re interested in working under our banner, contact us now on 01454 317940, or email

The Green Deal is here. Be part of the UK’s energy efficiency revolution.


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