A Green Deal update for our customers

Thank you for expressing your interest over the last few weeks in the Green Deal, following the scheme’s launch on 1st October.

I know we have been in touch with many people over the last few weeks, answering questions and providing as much information as possible on the Green Deal.

As a company, our ethos is to keep things simple for our customers, cutting through the jargon to help people understand clearly what things mean and how they relate to them.

To keep you up to date with the developments over the last few weeks:

  • Green Deal finance is still due to be made available on 28th January 2013. This will enable people to take Green Deal Assessment Reports to Green Deal Installers and Green Deal Finance Providers to agree costs and payment terms for installations available under the Green Deal.
  • The Green Deal software is still not ‘fit for purpose’, which is preventing any Green Deal Assessments from being undertaken at present. The BRE are now working to qualify a training software package to be used in the interim (until specific Green Deal software packages are designed).

Darren Evans Assessments is fully qualified as a Green Deal Advisor Organisation, which means that we can lodge any Green Deal Assessment for any Green Deal Assessor throughout the country. All assessments need to be lodged, not by the advisor, but by a Green Deal Advisor Organisation like ourselves. We also now have Green Deal Assessment capability in-house, so we will have real, hands-on assessor experience to draw upon and can help with any questions or concerns that arise during the Green Deal Assessment process.

We are continuing to develop a nationwide network of Green Deal Advisors so that we can provide a local service to a large part of the UK. We hope that this will enable us to keep costs down and service levels high. We will be offering a service that guides you through the assessment and, if you require it, helps you take the completed Green Deal Assessment Report to the installer and provider to complete the Green Deal process.

As an organisation we are hoping to remain independent in the marketplace so that we will be able to direct our customers, with their completed Green Deal Assessment Reports, to the installers and providers that will offer the best deal, rather than encouraging the work to be undertaken by a particular installer or provider. This will ensure that people get the best from the Green Deal, and are able to maximise the energy efficiency improvements on their home from the investment made.

We continue to provide updates on the Green Deal and on our Green Deal service on our blog (http://www.darren-evans.co.uk/index.php/blog/blog). We are also making comments and providing updates on Twitter and Facebook. We’d be delighted if you follow us there.

We hope that our blog and social media updates will help you make the right decisions so that the Green Deal can make a big difference to the warmth and energy efficiency of your home or business.


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