Government considers council tax cuts for energy efficiency

For the first time, the Government is considering linking council tax bands to the level of energy efficiency in the home. Following the introduction of the Green Deal, savings would be passed on to homes where a Green Deal Assessment has been conducted. It appears that only the assessment would need to be completed, not the whole Green Deal finance package, in order to qualify.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, said that he had ‘campaigned for a green tax switch to incentivise energy saving. Now we need renewed vigour for that smarter tax. I’ll be working with [Buildings Minister] Don Foster to look at Council Tax discounts for energy efficiency to see if they will encourage people to sign up for the Green Deal’.

Although tax breaks to reward energy efficiency have been considered before, if the measure is approved it will be the first time these plans have been implemented. If you’d like to know more about the Green Deal, or how Darren Evans Assessments can help improve the energy efficiency of your home, call us on 01454 317940, or email


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