Green Deal Assessors: we need you!


The Green Deal is now up and running! As a certified Green Deal Organisation, we’ve had an amazing response from enthusiastic customers: around 2000 requests for Green Deal Assessments have poured in over the past few weeks.

And now we just need…you!

Would you like to work as a Green Deal Assessor under our banner? We’re passionate about offering better energy efficiency services to customers, and we’re keen to expand our team with likeminded partners. Here are just a few of the benefits we offer our team of dedicated associates:

Low registration fee

In order to lodge Green Deal Assessments, you’ll need to be registered with a Green Deal Organisation. Most companies are charging around £250 to £300 per year to be registered with their organisation. You can lodge your assessments with us for a one-off fee of only £25, even if you’re already registered elsewhere.

If you prefer, you can even wait until you’ve received an offer of work from us before you commit.

Free advertising

At the moment, Green Deal Assessors can only be found if their affiliated Green Deal Organisation promotes their services. We’ll make sure you have an online presence via our website and extensive social media services, and give you free access to our marketing material: we want you to receive as much work as you’d like to take on, and we’ll do everything we can to promote you.

Generous commission

We’ll agree your fees on a per-assessment basis, and if the customer decides to go ahead with Green Deal home improvements, you can receive an additional 1.5% commission on the cost of the work being done.

For example, if a customer decided on a package of work that costs £7000, we’d pass on an extra £105 to you, on top of your regular assessment fee. This applies to assessments we source for you and those you may have found yourself.

Full training

We’ll provide full technical training so you’re familiar with building legislation, the Green Deal processes and housing inspections, as well as wider training on business management and entrepreneurship. We want to further your career and help you expand your own skills as much as we can.

We’d prefer our Green Deal Assessors to be accredited with Elmshurst and to use e-Tech software. We can offer software training if needed, and if necessary we can also consider providing the equipment you’ll use as an assessor (an iPad or similar).

A welcoming business environment

We’re a dynamic, successful company with little formal hierarchy: if you have concerns or ideas that you’d like to be addressed by a director, we can put you through to the people at the top. We believe in adapting to our associates’ needs, and we’ll be determined to take care of yours.

Come and join us!

We have assessments now awaiting completion in Chelmsford and the London area; Bristol and Bath (including Taunton, Trowbridge and Weston-super-Mare); and Worcester and Birmingham. We’d love you to get involved.

For more information, please do contact us at, or call us now on 01454 317940.


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