Latest Green Deal statistics released


Last week the Department of Energy & Climate Change released their latest statistics on the Green Deal.

From 28th January, when the Deal was launched, to the end of February, 1803 Green Deal Assessments were lodged. Darren Evans Assessments are delighted to have completed over 300 of these 1803 assessments. We’re receiving more requests all the time: to date, we’ve now completed over 400. We hope that as many families and businesses as possible can benefit from lower energy bills and more comfortable properties.

The number of working assessors and installers has also sharply increased as more people and companies have become accredited. We’re always looking for assessors to work under our banner: if this might be for you, please see our invitation to Green Deal Assessors, and get in touch on 01454 317940 or email We’d love to hear from you.

You can read the full report from the Department of Energy & Climate change here.