More News on the Code for Sustainable Homes

Following the recent amendments to the Government’s Housing Standards, the Department of Communities and Local Governments has released a statement to clarify some of the proposed changes.

In particular they emphasise that, while it was indicated that the Code for Sustainable Homes would be altered as part of the change, ‘Code assessments are expected to be undertaken as usual’ while future arrangements are addressed. The Minister stated that there would be further announcements later in the year, to clarify how the new Housing Standards would be implemented. There was also reassurance that, aside from changes to the CSH, there would be no further alterations to housing standards during this Parliament, except in the areas of Energy and Water, Access, Security and Space.

In response to this, BRE Global (approvals body and contributor to the UK Building Regulations) have added that:

  • Homes and Communities Agency funding for companies currently working on social housing developments will remain available until April 2015;
  • BRE Global will continue to work closely with the DCLG throughout the transition, in particular to align the increased energy requirements of Part L 2013, due to come into force on 6 April, with the Code;
  • In the longer term, BRE Global will work to develop a new, more stringent sustainability standard, for builders who want to go further than the minimum requirements.

The DCLG has also made available a number of documents relating to the Code for Sustainable Homes and its future:

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