An energetic challenge for one of our team

1Here at Darren Evans Assessments, we love to help our customers use energy more efficiently. In August, one of our team, Michael Brogden, took that mission statement literally…and entered the Circencester Tough Mudder race!

Tough Mudder isn’t just any old half-marathon, though Michael is no stranger to those. It’s a twelve-mile obstacle course designed to test your stamina and teamwork, and bills itself as the ‘toughest event on the planet. Probably’. Obstacles include man-made mountains, tunnels, pools of ice water, water slides through walls of fire and a rope course with electric shocks! This was Michael’s second Tough Mudder – he followed his first in 2013 with a coastal half-marathon and a coastal marathon – so he was classified as a ‘legionnaire’ and given extra challenges.


‘The atmosphere is brilliant’, Michael said. ‘There is a lot of shouting and whooping and a real camaraderie. Everyone is helping each other and is really social around the course. There is lots of laughter and some stray shoes which have been discarded or lost by runners throughout the day!’

Luckily Michael ran with three friends, and the team bolstered each other up – both mentally and physically – throughout the event.

And the hardest part?

‘Finishing the race through the electroshock therapy this year was a real ‘shock’’, said Michael, ‘as the voltage had been increased! After running eleven miles in the mud and wet, getting a shock as hard as a snake bite takes your breath away, and means that you have plenty to talk about after the race is over (once you have picked yourself up off the floor – if you are not there from the running then the electric shocks have probably involuntarily brought you to your knees)’.

We think it’s an amazing achievement – and we’re excited to cheer Michael on in his next challenge, an ultra-marathon called the Classic Quarter, in June 2015. That’s what we call energy efficiency!

4Photos courtesy of Tough Mudder


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