An Unforgettable Night at Wembley


On Tuesday night, two of Darren Evans’ twitter followers were among the crowd of 71,223 at Wembley Stadium after winning tickets to England vs France. Seated in the Club Wembley section, Emily Colvin and Danny Bishop were at a hugely important event which was also attended by Prime Minister David Cameron, FA president Prince William, and FA chairman Greg Dyke.

After simply retweeting a Darren Evans message on the day of the game, both lucky winners can now say “we were there” on a poignant night in Wembley – just four days after terrorists killed 129 people in Paris. With the famous arch lit up in red, white and blue and the French motto “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” beamed onto the side of the stadium, both nations stood side by side to send a profound message to the watching world.

Before kick-off, the impeccably observed minute’s silence and rousing rendition of La Marseillaise – sung or hummed by over 70,000 in the stadium – provided a perfect start to what was far more than just a football match. Tweeting a picture of the crowd from the stadium, Danny Bishop said: “Awesome from the Wembley crowd tonight #EngvFra”, while Emily Colvin echoed these thoughts: “Proud to have been at Wembley this evening”.


The match itself understandably lacked some intensity, particularly from the subdued French team, but both prize winners will have certainly enjoyed Dele Alli’s first England goal. Loyal Tottenham Hotspur fans, they would also have been delighted to witness the emergence of Eric Dier onto the international scene and the continued improvement of Harry Kane.

As a hugely entertaining and emotional occasion, Danny and Emily will not forget their night at Wembley Stadium when England and France stood in a moment of solidarity that will live long in the memory of the global football community.


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